Frequent Asked Questions

Do you offer packages?
Yes, we offer packages for every theme. There is a minimum rental order of $100.00 plus tax. You can rent items individually or per package. Email us with a theme of interest and we will send you our existing packages.

Can you do any theme?
Please email us as soon as possible with the theme you are interested in and allow us five business days, so that we can offer you the best option available.

Do packages include delivery/pick-up and Setup?
No, there is a fee for each of these services.

What cities do you service?
We service to all Alameda County and part of San Mateo County. For the list of cities please contact us. Toll and Travel mileage does apply according to each individual location. (Each County has a Minimum Rental order amount for Delivery & Pickup $100-200)

What is your delivery and pick-up fee?
Within a 10 mile radius the fee per trip is $25.00
Over a 10 mile radius we charge by the mile a fee of $3.00 + toll (if necessary).

Do you set up and what is your fee?
Yes. We offer set up and tear down services. Our hourly fee is $45.00

How far in advance do I need to order?
In order to make sure we have what you need, we recommend at least 2 weeks in advance. Within 2 weeks of your event date? Don’t worry—we will make every effort to provide items at the last minute. We do NOT hold orders without a deposit.

To book a party or rent our props there is a 50% deposit of your total rental order. Deposits are non refundable.

Is there a Security Deposit and how Much is the Deposit for?
Yes, there is a Security Deposit of 50% of the Invoice Total that will be charged as a hold to the Customer’s Credit Card. The security deposit will be returned to you unless there are broken/missing/damages to our rentals. The Security Deposit should be returned within a “reasonable time,” but the time period typically ranges from 2-14 business days.

Items that are a set cannot be rented individually. Items cannot be exchanged for something else. You can add items to your order up to 2 business days prior to your event.